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The Best Place for Diagnostic Checks in Chertsey

Walton Service Centre offers full mechanical repair and diagnostic services in our convenient Chertsey base. We have an experienced team of mechanics and the most up-to-date specialist software required, which enables us to thoroughly inspect your vehicle. When a warning light appears on your vehicle, it needs to be examined as soon as possible so that we can fix the issue before it becomes a more significant problem. Modern vehicles are fitted with an onboard computer called an Engine Control Unit (ECU), which examines the performance of your vehicle. There are sensors installed throughout your vehicle that feed data to your vehicle’s ECU. The data could be about anything from low fluid levels to high engine temperatures. When an issue arises the ECU will display an error code, which will then light up the relevant dashboard warning light.

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Diagnosing codes is best left to the experts

There are numerous possible error codes that could arise on your ECU, which can only be read and responded to by a specialist vehicle diagnostician with the correct equipment. The warning light will appear on your dashboard to tell you that there is a problem. However, a diagnostics check is required to reveal exactly what the issue is. Our diagnostic test checks for faults across a wide variety of your vehicle’s systems from engine management, emissions, comfort controls, lights and tyres. We can rectify a huge range of issues quickly without giving you a massive bill at the end.

When a Warning Light Pops Up, Come to Us ASAP

We have all of the state of the art diagnostics equipment necessary to reveal exactly what is going on with your vehicle. We will also check for any other faults in order to make sure that your car is performing as efficiently as it should be. Once we know what the fault is, we will act quickly so that we are able to put you back in control of your vehicle. The next time that a warning light pops up on your dashboard, don’t cross your fingers, hope for the best and keep on driving, come to our Chertsey repair centre so that we can see if we can fix the fault before it becomes a bigger, more expensive problem.

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