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Here at Walton Service Centre, we provide excellent quality work when servicing your car’s air conditioning unit, conducting your MOT or servicing your vehicle. Air conditioning is something which we can easily fix, and often fails because they lose gas over time when they aren’t used frequently. This is understandable given the British climate! We can conduct all levels of servicing on new makes and models of vehicles without affecting your warranty. Our local, hospitable business will put a smile back on your face by treating you with the outstanding customer service that you deserve. We work extremely hard to make sure that we have a position of respect in the community and that we deserve your trust.

What is an MOT?

An MOT (or The Ministry of Transport test) is a legal requirement but that doesn’t mean that you should accept sub-standard customer service at ridiculously high prices. Our MOTs are conducted on site using the latest state of the art equipment. We are able to conduct an MOT on any vehicle. Our MOT testers are highly trained and certified. We also adhere to the strict guidelines set in place by the DVSA to ensure that you are safe and legal.

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Why is an MOT Important?

Your annual MOT check makes sure that your vehicle adheres to Britain’s strict road safety and environmental standards, keeping you in safe hands. You are required by law to have an MOT on any vehicle older than three years to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards and exhaust emissions guidelines. Getting your car MOT’ed is easier than you think. You can leave your car with us before heading off to work or going out for lunch with friends. We will call you to let you know the result and if any repairs need to be carried out. Should anything need attention, the majority of the time, we are able to deal with it that day.

Vehicle Servicing You Can Trust

Servicing your vehicle is crucial to the safe running of your automobile. Staying up to date with your servicing actually helps you to save money in the long run. It is better to spot potential problems before they become a larger, more costly problem further down the line. It also helps you to maximise the age of your vehicle, keeping it on the road for as long as possible. We know that it can be tempting to skip a service if money is tight or if you’re too busy, but all of those reasons show you that it’s never a wise idea to miss a service. In fact, it really is a false economy.

We Have a Good Reputation

We have a reputation in which you can trust because we’ve been working in the heart of your community helping to keep people safe on the road. We know that you want quick and thorough service at a reasonable price completed by experts in whom you can trust. You will be surprised by how soon you will be back in your vehicle and back on the road and back on with your normal life. Every member of staff on site has had all of the best training enabling them to handle the servicing requirements for every type of vehicle. Having a full service history on your car also helps you to sell it when that day eventually comes. It’s an important note to remember that if your car is still under warranty, it is recommended that you stay up to date with your servicing schedule. This means that should anything go wrong, your warranty will be upheld, which will help you to save you money in the long run.

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